About STA

Based in the Goldfields, Sidetippers Australia has been in operation for over 25 years.

A leader in the delivery  of reliable, flexible and innovative solutions for bulk haulage, wet and dry plant hire and civil contracting requirements at competitive rates.

We have the experience and knowledge to meet the needs of mining, construction, civil and agricultural clients.

STA has an extensive range of late model, reliable and efficient plant and equipment.  The fleet is regularly updated, maintained and complies with all relevant Australia standards and legislation.


Our Vision & Values


Sidetippers Australia  aims to be a leader in safety and compliance, going beyond legislative and regulatory obligations to be injury and incident free.  STA also actively seeks innovative solutions to increase efficiency in our workshops and for our clients, thereby promoting sustainable environmental, social and economic outcomes.


Our team is open to the new ideas that technology can bring, constantly evolving and staying up to date with the latest advances, hence why the use of CAD software has enabled us to create unique and advanced designs in our trailers with accuracy and precision.

To enhance performance and productivity we use the  latest GPS technology, electronic monitoring and telemetry systems to monitor our fleet in real time, keeping abreast with the progress of our fleet even in the most remote and inaccessible regions. 

4,000sqm. workshop facilities to guarantee the best quality

Our trailers and trucks are customised to optimise productivity for clients. Our in-house maintenance service ensures the fleet is always operating to the highest standard.

On a 45,000 sqm. block, our in house capacity includes:

•Welding station

•Wash pad

•Sign writing

•Painting shed

•Sandblasting bay

Our People


We believe that our staff are our most valuable asset.  With teams in a range of disciplines across multiple locations STA prioritises our workforce. We encourage outstanding performance and service, and rewards our staff commensurately to retain and attract the best in the industry.

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